Mains - Tandoori
Chef’s Recommendation
Mains - Traditional
Popular Dishes
Vegetable Side Dishes
English Dishes
Served with mint yoghurt & green salads.
Plain or spiced
Chutney & Pickles
Onion Bhaji
Prawn Cocktail
Lamb or Vegetable
Garlic Mushrooms
Mushrooms fried with fresh cloves of garlic in butter & spices.
Cellars Trio
Meat samosa, vegetable samosa & onion bhaji
Paneer Shashlick
Cooked on charcoal with tomatoes, onions and green peppers
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Pakora
Pieces of Chicken dipped in a specially prepared sauce & fried with butter
Sheekh Kebab
Chicken Tikka Chat
Stuffed Peppers
Green peppers cooked on charcoal, filled with spicy minced lamb, vegetable or chicken
Tandoori Fish
Prawn/Chicken Tikka on Puree
Shrimps or chicken cooked with sweet hot & sour sauce, served on a thin puree.
Lamb Tikka
Mixed Kebab
Naga Kebab
Minced lamb with cheese & ghost chilli.
King Prawn on Puree
plain or mixed
Green Salad
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